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PRESS RELEASE: InsuranceIsland.com to Exhibit at IIAA Annual Convention & InfoXchange

March 20, 2001 Cleveland, Ohio  From October 27th - 30th in Honolulu, Hawaii, InsuranceIsland.com will present the QUILT System, demonstrating the power of our Integrated Agent Management System (IAMS) and carrier integration.  Please visit us at Booth 506 at the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) Annual Convention & InfoXchange to see QUILT in action and enter to win a FREE Palm Pilot!

November 26, 2001 - Cleveland, Ohio - InsuranceIsland presented the QUILT System, which integrates with carrier systems, with the Integrated Agent Management System (IAMS), the Web-based Agency Management System on InsuranceIsland. "We received a tremendous response from attendees and achieved outstanding success at the IIAA conference in Hawaii.  We are looking forward to continuing to use this momentum in our campaign," said Madhavan Chakravarthi, CEO of InsuranceIsland.  InsuranceIsland also gave away a free gift, a Palm Pilot, on Monday, Oct. 29th.

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