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E-COMMERCE UPDATE: 2M Software Associates Launches Web-Based Data Management Initiatives

July 5, 2000 Cleveland, Ohio In response to the growing demand for customer relationship management and lead generation, 2M Associates has developed an e-commerce solution, InsuranceIsland.com.  InsuranceIsland.com is a comprehensive Internet-based solution for insurance agents. It provides insurance agents with tools to improve their productivity and increase market share. InsuranceIsland.com maintains an agents book-of-business in a web accessible format, handles all the communication with customers and insurance companies, initiates marketing campaigns for agents and establishes and maintains a web site presence for agents.  There are also services for customers to draw them to the site. These services include an explanation of insurance terms, a compilation of FAQs, tips on how to reduce insurance premiums, a directory listing of agents, and the ability to request a quote from an agent.


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